Tom Arnold: Stop.

I could just edit the Billy Bush post because I am addressing literally the exact same topic as I did when I pointed out Bush’s weird fascination with french maids.

Tom Arnold was on Conan last night and when Conan remarked that Tom and Arnold Schwarz were good friends, Tom’s response was: “Blah, blah blah…well, he can no longer make fun of the women I’ve slept with!” Followed by some guffaws.

Please. Please. Please. Stop referring to Mildred Baena as an unattractive woman no one would dare to look twice at, much less touch. Please stop acting shocked and appalled that in his decision to cheat, he chose this woman to do it with. Please instead focus on the real issue – that after years of crude behavior towards women, Arnold made another move that disrespected yet another one, his wife of twenty years. Why does dragging Mildred’s appearance into the picture have relevance? Isn’t this conversation not only irrelevant, but also pretty mean-spirited? I don’t think Arnold is attractive, but I’m not taking this opportunity to say “Mildred, what were you thinking jumping into bed with this over ‘roided caveman?” (Actually, it might be worth noting that one reason people wouldn’t say that is because Arnold is an incredibly powerful man, and power is often equated with attractiveness and the reason why many men in power seem to be getting in trouble with the ladies. See: every news story in the past two months.)

Arnold has an infidelity issue. It doesn’t have anything to do with how hot other people think the women he is sleeping with are. If people expected infidelity to be a result of tractor-beam hotness, wouldn’t you expect every man to be an adulterer? There are millions of beautiful women, why aren’t married and attached men jumping them right and left and using the excuse that she was just too gorgeous to leave alone? Because that isn’t what infidelity is really about. It’s about his commitment issues, his issues with the truth, and his issues with reality. That is, in thinking he can lead two lives at once.

Also, have we not evolved to the point yet where we realize that each individual has a unique definition of beauty? And that each individual is, in fact, beautiful in their own right? Oh, I just wrote a post about how we haven’t gotten there yet.

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