Glenn Beck Strikes Again

I’m not usually surprised by anything Glenn Beck does in the sense that it generally falls into the realm of idiocy, and it’s best to just brush it off and remember that most people (well…those that I know and choose to spend my time with) also think of him as a joke. However, his most recent act of offensive stupidity deserves some serious commenting.

Beck decided to ridicule Meghan McCain (who, despite she and I having different political ideologies and opinions, does seem to share my opinions about Palin, albeit more nicely) because she appeared in a skin cancer PSA in which she seemed to be nude. The ad was not gratuitous and the message was clear – cover up with sunscreen and protect yourself from the deadly rays. Beck, of course, decided to completely ignore the message of the ad and instead chose to focus his efforts on butchering McCain’s body. I can’t even get through his entire juvenile, absurdly sexist rant, as it goes on for well over the amount of time I can suffer Beck; but how helpful he was, taking a health education announcement that tries to bring skin cancer’s prevalence and dangers under the spotlight and turning it into an assault on a woman’s appearance! Not only does he deftly ignore the important and legitimate message, he skillfully points out how a male ignorant radio host who is losing his job (read: influence and respect) due to constantly putting his foot in his mouth, is somehow still the judge of what makes a woman attractive, appealing, worthy of giving respect and listening to. And what makes her worthy, of course, what her most significant characteristic is, is her appearance and her weight – not, for some reason, her very worthy goal and effort to educate people about this preventable disease. Bravo, Beck. I will take the high road here and refrain from making any comments about his body and stick to his just-as-easy-to-target immature tirades. I will give a shout out to McCain’s other public efforts, notably her fighting for everyone to shut up about women’s bodies and rightfully wondering why it is still fodder for public debate.

Side note, why is McCain the one he focuses on? No love for the other ladies, GB? I’m sure they’re devastated. I can’t wait till this man no longer has access to a microphone.

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