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Well, Here We Are.

I had a blog before I think they were technically called blogs. That is to say, when people referred to them as “online diaries.” Of course now, everyone looks at the premise of the online diary as self-indulgent and precious, and while I do see how blogs have kicked the evolution of internet ramblings up the ladder of respectability – particularly in regards to politics, sociology, and news – I still sometimes feel as though I’ve somehow acquired the key to the private emotional and mental lockbox of the writer. However – and I admittedly say this with some trepidation – I have also grown to appreciate how this can sometimes complement the public discourse and forge some new and often profound connections. It still feels a bit impersonal to me, but such is the way of the 21st century. And, to be a bit selfish, and to regress to my days (circa 2001), it can be heartening to know that people can sometimes find humor or meaning or support for their minority opinion in a forum like this. So, here I am – born and bred San Franciscan, New York City resident but California loyalist, runner, behavioral health and education graduate student, feminist, reproductive health advocate, and infectious diseases preventer. I hope that, at least occasionally, you’ll join me for the ride.

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